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Netbeans 6.0 comes bundled with a rich set of tools to work with various XML documents such as XML Schema, WSDL, BPEL, XSLT, CSS, DTD and XML instance documents. The tools provide various ways of editing, visualizing these documents. In addition it also provides refactoring support, search, queries and find usage, seamless navigation between views, design pattern and schema aware code completion support to name a few.

Here are some highlights with pictures:

Thumb for columnView.png Thumb for designView.png
Allows easy creation and navigation of complex schema hierarchies Rapidly designs complexType and element definitions, even across multi-file schemas
Thumb for findUsage.png Thumb for designPattern.png
Find uses, rename, and safely delete across XML Schema, WSDL, and BPEL documents Apply design patterns to existing schemas
Thumb for wsdlDesigner.png Thumb for codeCompletion.png
Allows easy creation and navigation of WSDL documents Provide dynamic schema driven code completion

Downloads & Current Status

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Technical Articles

This document explains the use and capabilities of the XAM and XDM models in the NetBeans IDE. It covers the most important aspects of model implementation and provides source code analysis. It is a valuable source of information if you are going to implement your own XAM-based model or fix issues in the existing models.

This article explains schema aware code completion in XML documents.

Go to the Specifications page to access the functional and design specification documentation.

Other Resources

XML Schema Part 0: Primer is a non-normative document intended to provide an easily readable description of the XML Schema facilities, and is oriented towards quickly understanding how to create schemas using the XML Schema language.
XML namespaces provide a simple method for qualifying element and attribute names used in Extensible Markup Language documents by associating them with namespaces identified by URI references.

Other Modules in this Project

The module provides simple XML tools API for various XML related modules.
The module allows to persistently mount entity catalogs. This implementation support NetBeans native catalog and standard XML catalog. Module also offer SPI to support another catalog implementation plug in.
The module is a base for all XML related modules. It recognizes XML and DTD documents, which can be opened in text editor. It supports parsing of those documents into TAX (Tree API for XML) representation. It supports synchronization among document representations. It also holds all settings shared among all XML related modules.
The module provides very basic support for CSS editing. CSS documents can be opened in text editor with syntax coloring. There is a syntax check action.
The module provides text editing capabilities. It adds syntax coloring, abbreviation support and simple indentation engine into text editing of XML and DTD documents.
The module contains various actions, generators and tools. Especially action to generate simple DTD from XML document, or wizard which generate SAX handler implementation according to selected DTD document.
The set of modules provide infrastructure for building domain specific model with efficient undoable mutations, lazy loading and external reference capabilities.
The module provides simple XSL support including XSL transformation action.

Want to Participate?

The simplest way how to participate and to improve current status of the XML support in the NetBeans IDE is to share your ideas for improvements or complaints about the functionality and/or quality with us on our mailing list or in our bug tracking system.

Currently participating in this project are:

Girish Patil (girish dot patil at sun dot com)
Nam Nguyen (nam dot nguyen at sun dot com)
Ritesh Adval (ritesh dot adval at sun dot com)
Samaresh Panda (samaresh dot panda at sun dot com)
Shivanand Kini (shivanand dot kini at sun dot com)
Sonali Kochar (sonali dot kochar at sun dot com)
Srividhya Narayanan, engineering manager (srividhya dot narayanan at sun dot com)

To send feedback, get support, and receive updates and information about XML development support in NetBeans, go to the XML Module Mailing Lists page and subscribe to the appropriate lists.

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