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This is the home page for the XML Entity Catalog module.


This module allows you to persistently mount entity catalogs. This implementation support NetBeans native catalog and standard XML catalog. Module also offer SPI to support another catalog implementation plug in.


This section contains a list of the icons used in this module.

Icon File Description Usage
Icon sysCatalog.gif. sysCatalog.gif This icon represents Netbeans system Catalog. SystemCatalogReaderBeanInfo.java
Icon xmlCatalog.gif. xmlCatalog.gif This icon represents OASIS Catalog. XCatalogBeanInfo.java
Icon sunCatalog.gif. sunCatalog.gif This icon represents Sun's Resolver 1.1. CatalogBeanInfo.java
Icon catalog-entry.gif. catalog-entry.gif This icon represents Entity Catalog Entry. CatalogEntryBeanInfo.java
Icon catalog-root.gif. catalog-root.gif This icon represents Root of all mounted Entity Catalogs. CatalogRootNode.java


How can I use entity catalogs?

Go to the Runtime window, right-click the Entity Catalogs node and mount a new catalog. All parsers used in the module use catalogs mounted under the node.

Which catalog formats are supported?

You can choose NetBeans Catalog (understands NetBeans in memory format used by modules), XML Catalog (understands XML Catalog v0.2 and v0.4 formats) or Sun's Resolver (understands XML Catalog, XML Catalog v0.4 and TR9401 formats).


XML Catalogs

XML Catalogs Committee Specification 1.0, 24 Oct 2002

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