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1. Introduction

This document describes the visual appearance of the XML Schema Design View.

2. Visual Appearance


Figure - Overview of the Design View Visual Appearance

Description Mockup
Background color
RGB (252, 250, 245)


Element First element starts with 20 px from the left border of the canvas.

Selected Element

RGB (255, 130, 0)
2 px around element, 1 px compositor line, 2 px around attribute
Note: The colors of the background and font face should be kept as specified for various attribute kinds (as follows).
Note: The font face should be kept (no bold on select).

Element - drop target for child element
Background of the drop target element and line of the compositor RGB (0, 44, 124).

Expand / Collapse buttons
Collapsed (mouseover):
Expanded (mouseover):

Annotations of elements
Multiplicity: RGB (0, 0, 0), Font face size: 7 px (60 % of the system font face size)
Type: RGB (139, 139, 139), Font face size: 7 px (60 % of the system font face size)
Shown within the element, next to the name of the element (both the simple type as well as complex type)
Element - Externally defined (used within a global component)
Gradient: from RGB(215, 224, 247) to (197, 210, 245). Note that only the name of the element has a different background.


No line.

Dotted line RGB(146, 146, 146), 3 px inset betwen 1 px points
Dashed line RGB(163, 163, 163), 10 px dash, 3 px gap.
Annotations of compositors
Multiplicity shown in standard font size.
Subtype is not shown on compositor but rather in the element definition (see element definition).

Compositor and its children coming from external file

Compositor and its children inherited

Compositor - expand / collapse
Note:Compositors won't be collapsable.



Attribute - Local No Group
transparent background
TODO-Leos: Font color:
Attribute - Local Group
TODO-Leos: light border, no background?
Attribute - External Group (Inherited)
TODO-Leos: some background
Attribute - External File Group (read only)
TODO-Leos: gray background, gray font color
Show / Hide Attributes Buttons
Hide attributes: (When attributes are being shown)
Hide attributes: (mouse over)
Show attributes: (When attrubtes are being hidden)
Show attributes: (mouse over)
Attribute drop target: Local No Group

Attribute drop target: Local Group

Attribute drop target: External Group

Attribute drop target: External File Gruop (read only)

Attribute hidden text
RGB (139, 139, 139)


Sections: Global Elements / Global Complex Types
Font Face: Bold, Font color: RGB (0, 44, 124)
Line: RGB(0, 0, 0)
Insets: Name of section 4 px above the line, 10 px from the left, line has 4 px insets from the left and right border of the canvas.

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