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The module contains various actions, generators and tools. Especially action to generate simple DTD from XML document, or wizard which generate SAX handler implementation according to selected DTD document.


This section contains a list of the icons used in this module.

Icon File Description Usage
Icon empty_history.gif. empty_history.gif This icon represents empty distance with XSL transformation history. TransformPanel.java
Icon pi_history.gif. pi_history.gif This icon represents '<?xml-stylesheet' case in XSL transformation history. TransformPanel.java
Icon ro_local_history.gif. ro_local_history.gif This icon represents Data Object in XSL transformation history. TransformPanel.java
Icon rw_local_history.gif. rw_local_history.gif This icon represents URL in XSL transformation history. TransformPanel.java
Icon xslObject.gif. xslObject.gif This icon represents XSL Object [16x16]. mf-templates.ent
Icon xslObject32.gif. xslObject32.gif This icon represents XSL Object [32x32]. XSLDataLoaderBeanInfo.java


What wizards or generators are available?

As DTDs there are: the CSS generator, DTD documentation generator, DOM scanner generator, and the SAX document handler wizard. As an XML document element there is a DTD generator.

What is the main improvement in SAX wizard?

It generates a set of sources with well-defined interfaces. User code is isolated from dispatching code - simplifying versioning.

How can I generate a DTD from a sample XML document?

Open the document in the tree editor and select an element that should be the root of the DTD, then right click and select Generate DTD.


XSLT Execution

XSLT Execution (User View)

XSLT Wizard

XSLT Execution Wizard (User View)

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