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This is the home page for the XSL Support module.


The module provides simple XSL support including XSL Transformation action.

Scenarios are currently a part of this module, but that might change soon.

UML Diagrams

Scenarios class diagram

This diagram shows the connection between Scenario related classes.


How can I use another XSLT Processor?

XSLT processor it located using JAXP 1.1 mechanism.
It allows you to change it globally for used JRE.
I tried Saxon 6.5.2. Installation is pretty easy simply unzip saxon.zip and copy saxon.jar to your jre/lib/ext. Saxon seems to be times faster on XPath operations than default Sun's JRE 1.4.1 XSLT processor or Xalan 2.0.X.
It you find another stable Java XSLT processor let others know at users@xml.netbeans.org.
Warning: It's for expert users only.

Can I Match on Default Namespace Without Explicit Prefix?

No, it's not possible under XSLT 1.0.

Many users stumble trying to match an element with a default namespace. They expect to be able to do something like:

        <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0"
          <!-- Expect this matches <foo> in default namespace

          <xsl:template match="foo">

thinking that leaving off the prefix from the foo element name, that it will match <foo> elements in the default namespace with the URI of urn:myuri. Instead, they are required to assign a non-null prefix name to their namespace URI and then match on "someprefix:foo" instead, which has proven to be far from obvious. XSLT 2.0 SHOULD provide an explicit way to handle this scenario to avoid further user confusion.

For more details see XSLT 2.0 requirements

How to generate HTML's &nbsp; from XSLT script?

There are several ways. The preferred one is declare entity:

           <!DOCTYPE xsl:stylesheet [ 
             <!ENTITY nbsp "&#160;" >

and then to reference it from XSLT script:



Named Character Elements for XML

XSLT library which provides named elements for all of the character entities defined in HTML 4

XSL Transformations

XSL Transformations (XSLT) 1.0 - W3C Recommendation.

XSLT Reference

XSLT Reference by John W. Shipman

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